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Editing and proofreading for college essay writing

Some academic texts are a treat to read with their structured sentences, inventive word choices, fitting research and flow. These exemplary essays outline their ideas in a linear fashion, with proper attribution of facts, opinions, and arguments.

Many writers specialize in professional essay editing and have raised this simple act to an art form.

Detecting personal mistakes is always harder than it seems, and it's vital for your arguments to remain as readable as possible. You may have a perfect grasp on your essay, but would your audience say the same?


Reasons to proofread and edit your essay:

  • Better grades - simple spelling and grammar mistakes could lose you up to 10% of your overall grade
  • A professional edge – average essay looks immediately more professional when edited and proofread
  • Authority – regardless of the arguments you make and included evidence, grammar and spelling errors undermine the paper’s authority. You don’t want your professor (or some other reader) to think: “Why should I believe him/her if they didn’t bother to edit their work/pay attention to mistakes”
  • Responsibility – if you submit an essay tainted by spelling and grammar mistakes, weak arguments, inadequate style and formatting, a reader may assume you’re irresponsible. Essay writing is more than justifying your arguments, you have to pay attention to every detail in order to get a high-quality paper

Edusson's Professional Essay Editing

Our proofreading service highlights all common errors - spelling and punctuation, as well as puts your arguments and evaluations to the test. The closer inspection usually reveals underlying problems. It's understandable since academic papers must adhere to strict rules, and creativeness usually gets hindered by constraints.

By using our proofreading service you'll discover how easy it really is to submit a brilliant paper. Think of proofreading as a way of breaking free. Use essay editing to remove shackles from your own words!

Our essay editing service presents an opportunity to detect mistakes and elevate your writing even higher. Essays aren't the only thing we can work on, admissions essay editing is one of our services as well! All the weak links will be taken care of, any "improve my essay" requests will be handled and highlights of your work will be put in the spotlight.

Turning a regular academic paper into a sophisticated one demands time and, above all, effort. Quality editing and proofreading depend a lot on your editor's level. Thankfully, our editing service is here to help! Our professional editors will inspire greatness in your writing. Have your paper analyzed today!

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With our essay editing services you will

  • Avoid new mistakes
  • Boost your confidence
  • Become an A+ student
  • Get more free time
  • Avoid college stress
  • Get Positive feedback

How does essay editing work?

The entire process is incredibly easy. Your essay can be edited and improved in a few simple steps which include:
Of course, it all starts with signing up to our website. Unlike many other places that require too much information, the only thing we need is a valid email address
Order Placement
Order Placement
Describe the project, mention useful info or instructions, or write down just about anything you want editor to take into consideration while editing the essay
Editor selection
Editor selection
We give you an opportunity to communicate with your editor in order to ensure successful completion of the project. During the interview, mention additional info about the essay
When the editor is done with editing, the file will be sent to the email address you have provided earlier

That’s it! No muss, no fuss!

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